Spec: CTBTO Air Sampling

As part of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, an International Monitoring Network was set up to measure radionuclide concentrations in the atmosphere.  The data is aggregated by the CTBT Preparatory Commission and disseminated to the participating countries.  The CTBTO will not publish the data – only the participating country can choose to publish the measurements. Currently very few countries have the guts to publish this data – Germany is the source of this material.

partMOM : CTBTO app

Source: The Federal Office for Radiation Protection in Germany (BFS)

Download: We’re working to integrate our datasets into Google Fusion Tables and/or Pachube.  If you’d like to help please contact us.

Wiki: datafile: ctbto_air_sampling

Commentary:  A useful set of data that contains I131 and Cs137 readings from ~15 locations worldwide. I usually use this data set as a preliminary validation of any dispersion plots.  The fact that the data did not have to be disclosed, but was released by choice, leads me to believe that it may be one of the more transparent data sets currently available.

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